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August 6th, 2012 by Jan

Happy birthday Ken!

And speaking of Ken… he was a draftsman for 30 +years. He drew the shop drawings for big steel buildings. He had a saying when bidding jobs. You can get it fast, cheap or accurate — pick two.

If you want fast and cheap — you will not get accurate

Accurate and cheap — it won’t be fast

Fast and accurate — plan to spend some money.

This is easy to understand and people learned fairly quickly how Ken worked his trade.

Over the years, examples of the choices we make in life, land in our path and this lesson has given me a good acceptance that 2 outta 3 usually is a pretty good deal.

With the Olympics going on, push hands camp coming up, and my constant awareness of the practices I keep. I have been thinking about 3 different values I hold dear: commitment, accountability and ambition. 

These three ideals hold a different value for me than ‘fast, cheap or accurate’ yet lately, I’m questioning my commitment, accountability and ambition to this bloggy thing. I don’t feel like I have much to say right now and I’m certainly not writing the way I would like to. In a sense it is accurate to say, I am “posting” again which is a lot like fast and cheap.

My ambition for writing is on vacation right now and I am questioning my commitment and accountably to the practice. I don’t mind a struggle or hard work, writing has never come easy to me, but just because I said I would post daily, doesn’t seem good enough, if what I’m posting is drivel.

I know there are a few people who read this everyday. I appreciate you very much. But, I’m thinking of  stepping away from the self-imposed promise I made to post, at least until I feel like I have something to say.

Comments, encouragement or agreement are most welcomed.

3 thoughts on “3 easy words…

  1. Laur

    Well, Jan, you’re getting two out of three from me today.

    I love clicking in and reading anything you post here. It’s been a nice way for me to get to know you a bit. Between this blog and Today’s Step, you’ve helped me figure a few things out. Thanks, it’s been great!

    Otherwise, all I can add is for you listen to your inner voice, do what you need to do for yourself, post when and if you’re called to. Never believe though, that you don’t have something to say, your voice, your point of view is important. Well, all of that, and some photos of Moser as he grows would be nice, just sayin’. Peace.

  2. Laura B

    Hi Jan. I too click in here daily. I find the content is different from the content you were posting when you were on your sabbatical, but I like it just the same. It’s a little touch-in with you every day, and I have never seen drivel posted here.

    I second what Laur said above about listening to your inner voice. I hope that when you write, it’s for yourself rather than for those of us who read you. Maybe that’s not quite what I mean. I hope that you write when you want to write, and not because a promise has driven you to it. We make many promises to ourselves in the course of our lives; some we keep, and some we let go of and move on. I hope you will do what is right for you (keeping in mind that I do enjoy reading your blog!)


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