how can you miss me when I won’t go away!

August 7th, 2012 by Jan

Thanks everyone who called, sent an email or commented on yesterdays post. I do appreciate the encouragement. With friends, support and inspiration like you – I feel happy to drivel on!

Most everyone said in a sense the same thing and my BFF, Sandie said it best……

…I don’t get that it is drivel at all.
I love reading them all.
If it is not writing the way you would like then change it or not do it.
Yet, write me every day cause I love it.
Love you, Sandie

So simple and to the point. Do what you like, change it if you don’t, just stay in touch.

Sounds like the kind of advice I’d give to someone I love.

Thanks everyone. I figure this is just what I’ll do.

Oh, and for Laur…. Moser sees his first deer!

4 thoughts on “how can you miss me when I won’t go away!

  1. heather

    Glad you’ll keep writing. I’d only add that

    1. It takes a LOT of bad writing to get to the good stuff – one of our photo teachers told us, keep doing the work you aren’t happy with until you have a breakthrough. And I saw this happen for several students. and

    2. Maybe write every day (maybe do an excercise off a writing website?) and only post the ones you like – you can always just post puppy pictures on off days, I’m sure no one would mind 🙂

  2. Laur

    Yeah! Do what you need to do, say what you’ve got to say, be who you are, share what you choose to share. Simple, really. I’ve never, not once, ever not liked what you’ve had to say. Not that I get a vote on what you have to say at all, I just love that I’m hearing it.

    Thanks for the photo! I doubt that the deer was intimidated at all!

  3. Jim

    1. August 7, the day Jan used “BFF”. How far we’ve come from “Mark my words!”

    2. Get that pup a spear & cardboard box!

  4. Jan Post author

    Jim – I thought long and hard and then concluded if I was to write drivel, then BFF is a good start and a box, dog and spear is wasted on the Bowen deer. Really.


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