Say it Silly.

August 5th, 2012 by Jan

This morning about the only thing I can think to write about is some of the crazy things a few of the announcers at the Olympics say… Like calling Americans, The Mericans or things like… “In order to win, he is going to have to run faster than anyone else.” When Canada won the gold in trampoline, the announcer said, “Go figure!”

I’m sure it’s a hard job keeping a commentary going for all the events, and yes, it’s easy to sit on the sofa, pointing and laughing. I know I’ve said a few silly things in my lifetime. And, Ken just came in and said, “It’s 110 in the shade… wish we had some shade!” Silly indeed — still, sometimes during these Olympic games, the announcers are more interesting than the athletes!

Ken suggested we write down the funny quotes at the beginning of the coverage. We didn’t – but yes, we should of.

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