December 6th, 2013 by Jan

I’d like to say, “You never really know when you do good in the world.” But that would be untrue. I am fortunate to have done a little good in the world and I do know it. Not Nelson Mandela good or Dalai Lama good; move down the good continuum scale, and while I may not be at the very far end, I know, that in my small world, I’ve done some good.

As my dad always says, “It ain’t bragging if it is true.” I usually tell him, “Yes, it is.”

So, while I’d like to think I’m not bragging, something came back to me last night in such a wonderful way that at first, I thought… You never know. But the truth is we do know. I just didn’t know this!

Last night was the first holiday party of the year for me. The O had its company Christmas party and I have to tell you, they know how to party! This wasn’t a sit down dinner like in years past, this time we gathered at someone’s home and servers in white shirts and black pants, walked around with trays and trays of food, all night long! Shrimp, lamb, asparagus with ham, salmon, cheese balls, cake, and on and on. It seemed like something different and wonderful came by sometimes as the last tasty morsel was still on the tongue. It was great.

We had a secret Santa give away, where you got someone’s name and they got yours. Usually I don’t like this. One year my Santa didn’t come to the party, last night about 5 didn’t show up, so quite a few folks went home without a present. I was lucky. My Santa was very good to me. Chocolate! Can’t go wrong there.

Anyway, as I got ready to leave as the karaoke was starting up, the young woman who was serving drinks all night, called out to me. “Are you Jan?” She said, she didn’t recognize me because my hair is some much longer than it was more than 12 years ago. She told me her name was Beverley and that I taught her self-defence when she was in grade 8. She just wanted me to know, “That class literally saved my life… twice!”
My jaw dropped. My heart skipped. My eyes welled up.

She went on to say that, she is now a teacher, and she passes on self defence lessons to the young girls in her life, and added that she encourages them to learn Jujitsu as well!

She excused herself as she needed to get back to work. But she just wanted to let me know, that I had “done something good”.

Let the holidays begin!

2 thoughts on “Youneverknowordoyou?

  1. Jenny

    Well now, that beats eggnog and stocking stuffers by a long shot! What a wonderful gift you gave those many years ago, far beyond anything you could have purchased and wrapped.

    And now the gift, albeit a tad altered, returns to you. Lovely.


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