December 9th, 2013 by Jan

Most people have a lot of holiday traditions. Ken and I have very few.

Each year at this time, we decide if we want to “do” Christmas or not. Some years we do and other years we don’t. The coin for this year, is still in the air as I write this, but I did participate in what has become a yearly tradition with my friend Rosie yesterday.

Many years ago, Rosie asked me if I wanted to go hear the Vancouver Men’s Chorus perform their Christmas concert in town. I can take or leave Christmas music, but I love a live performance and I love spending time with Rosie, so I said, yes! And, ever since that first time, we make the yearly trek and we have the best time.

The VMC is 90 voices strong. A gay man’s choir; they preform without music, there is choreography, and are backed up by an orchestra. It is an incredible and joyful show.

I admit to having a small crush on the conductor, Willi Zwozdesky. I love conductors! I happen to think being a choir conductor would be the best work in the world. If I was different, I would be a choir conductor. I know I have all the moves, but apparently, I’d need to learn music.

Anyway, Rosie and I have this tradition. We make a day of it. We wear our matching Hudson Bay Coats, go out for Chinese food after the show, and when the men sing, we hold hands, and swing, and sway. Pure joy!

The holidays hold different meanings for all of us. Ken and I, after 30 years together, are still defining how we spend our holidays. And, no matter if we make it bright or dull, busy or calm, yesterday’s concert was the kick off to the season. Going to the VMC Christmas concert with Rosie, is one tradition I just wouldn’t miss.

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