You did something good for yourself today!

June 7th, 2012 by Jan

In the last six months, Allyson and I have received some really nice notes, emails and phone calls from people, telling us how Today’s Step has helped or encouraged them either in their sobriety or practice.

Those letters mean the world to us and they encourage us more than you know. Especially as we “Sally Forth” to market and promote the app and daily newsletter. Because really, it’s been much harder than we thought it would be.

And yet, this morning, I received the daily newsletter in my inbox and then again I checked on my itouch, the Today’s Step app and I read:

The theme is persistence:
Somedays I don’t feel like putting in the effort this requires of me; but I will say without a doubt, I have never regretted my commitment to do this work.
Think about: How do you encourage yourself to go on?

So, I’m thinking about how very weird it might be, that I want to write to the creators of Today’s Step today to say thank you, this helped me today?

Just goes to show… again, we teach what we need to learn!

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