June 6th, 2012 by Jan

Did you ever hear the story about the farmer who lived down the road and asked if he could borrow his neighbours’ axe?

The neighbour said, “Sorry no, my wife is making soup today.”

The farmer then asked, “What does your wife making soup have to do with me borrowing your axe?”

“Nothing,” said the neighbour, “but if I don’t want to loan you my axe, one excuse is just as good as another.”
Going through life with a menu mentality.

I’ll have the joy, but not the stress please! And will you put the happiness on the side. Don’t bring me any of the heartache, I have strong beliefs and we don’t go in for heartache.

Once again, “It’s against my religion” is the perfect excuse to get out of doing something that for every one else is mandatory. Easy words like, “Qigong is the devils work – I won’t participate.”

The perfect excuse — it shuts down the conversation and we all walk away to different parts of the room.

At least with a story like your wifes making soup, it’s entertaining.

The problem with tolerance is that the intolerant get away with bullshit!

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