October 20th, 2013 by Jan

We are making our home a house.

I know that sounds funny, but it is true, and we need to do this in order to sell 1572 Tunstall Blvd. on Bowen Island.

Ken and I had a very hard time selling our home when we left Oregon more than 17 years ago. The main reason was that I was emotionally attached to our home on Gimpl Hill. I loved that place and confused selling our home with selling a house. No one was interested in buying our home with personality and quirks. People want a house they can make into their own home, and I was unwilling to make some of the changes people asked for. Some changes were unrealistic; others could have been accommodated, but as a result of that, we (I) struggled.

The lesson I took away may help me to stay open on this new journey. Yesterday, we put our home on the market and now, we need to come full circle and take this home back into being a just a house.

It’s hard. The Bowen Island Tai Chi House oozes our energy and has been our home for the last 17 years. Ken and I are homebodies; hundreds of people have shared our home over the years adding their energy as well. We’ve played here, laughed, grown, and cried; we’ve spread out.
Our home is comfortable, warm and safe. Our house is big with a never ending list of projects.

We set the price lower than what others tell us we “should” be able to get. It will be the cheapest house on the market in our neighbourhood. But, a half a million dollars is not cheap for a house in this area, for the age and condition. Now, if we were selling our home — well, that’s another story and there is no price tag for that, so we (I) adjust our mindset.

We came here with very little belongngs and over the years we have filled our home with furniture, artwork, Chachkes, and memories. Today we begin the process of moving from Yang to Yin – Our home needs to become a house again so that others may one day be able to  create their own home in it.

Wish us a safe and speedy journey.

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  1. Ken

    Hi Nancy
    Probably lower mainland, we like Ladner for a variety of reasons; small town, surrounding farms with you-picks, farmer’s markets, FLAT terrain for walking and cycling. But you never know. Probably not another island (no ferries please).


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