October 19th, 2013 by Jan

Much to my fathers chagrin, Ken and I do not check our mail very often. Once a week maybe, and twice a week when it is close to our birthdays or Christmas. We don’t get a lot of mail and walking all the way across the street gets push down the list of places to walk and things to do.

Yesterday I made the effort though, and found a small box addressed to Ken with a return address from Japan!

Ken wracked his brain to try and remember if he had ordered anything. He was certain he had not.

With the glee of a kid, he opened the surprise box and found a beautiful crafted wood plane wrapped in bubble wrap. On the packing slip was Jm’s information.

A present out of the blue because Jim thought of Ken and thought he would like it. Ken was delighted.

Later that evening, I went to visit my friend Marian for a chat and cuppa tea. We forgot the tea part as we launched into catching up. Then out of the blue, Marian said she had a present for me!

She gave me a jar of blueberry jam from France and a tea cozy made with peacock feather fabric, she had picked up in London. Said, she thought of me and that I might like them.

I do!

Presents given out of the blue; for no special reason other than someone thought of you are the best presents!

These presents are wonderful, and yet yesterday, it really was the thought that counts.

Ken and I realized we are some of the most gifted people in the world.

Thank you!

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