May 22nd, 2017 by Jan

I spent most of today writing.

Sandie gifted me an on-line Master class in dramatic writing.

I’ve had a few private lessons in writing, but while I’ve always wanted to, I’ve never taken a class in writing. I’m pretty excited and nervous about this.

I started listening to the lectures last night; today I started writing my first assignment.

I’m not even close to finish and have 3500 words so far. I’m making the mistake of editing while I write.

This class is going to be harder than I think. Still I’m excited to give it a go, even though I doubt I will be able to keep up with the suggested six week schedule.

Writing is hard and summer is on us.

To help, I’m taking the self imposed pressure, of posting on this bloggy thing off myself for now.

That doesn’t mean I won’t post here, but my writing is going to be on class assignments for a while, and if the first assignment is any indicator, I’m going to be way too shy to post my class work here.

I know some of you will keep checking this page; I appreciate that a lot. I still check Jim’s bloggy page every day and he hasn’t updated since January 20, but I continue to look with high hopes each day.

I’m hoping this class will help me become a better writer. Perhaps the postings on this bloggy thing will be much more interesting when and if I “graduate” from the course.

Wish me luck and please continue to check in – I may surprise myself and post more, not less.

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