May 23rd, 2017 by Jan

I spent most of the last two days writing my assignment for the on-line writing class Sandie gifted me. I’m wiped out!

The Masterclass web site is hard to learn. Maybe a real computer geek could wiz through it, but for me, figuring out how, when, and where to post our assignments and questions is frustrating.

Just when I thought I did it and could walked away, I realized I posted my homework in the wrong place and now I can’t figure out how to delete it. I feel foolish – I’m convinced EVERYBODY else knows — they’ve always known, and now I’m convinced that everybody is pointing and laughing at this new kid in class.

Then I realized four people have already read my story! ACK!

No one has offered feedback yet, and I have no idea if the famous instructor, David Mamat, will ever read it. Maybe the TA, Brad will. Honestly – I don’t know what to expect yet. It’s driving me crazy!

Learning new things is hard!

When I had to introduce myself to the class, I wrote that I was pretty sure I was in way over my head. I told them I was a retired martial arts instructor who likes to quilt and hike. That I live on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful British Columbia, and that my friend gifted me this class, as she seems to think I have a story or two to tell. I added that I’d never taken a writing class before and learned to read as an adult. I confessed that I tend to be a bit of a lurker, but I would do my best to participate, complete the assignments and welcome feedback.

It’s been several hours since I posted my introduction, and no one has yet to say hello. (I’m sure its because they are still laughing.) Of course, I haven’t said howdy to anyone else either, but I’m the newbie here. Right?

Now, instead of spending time constantly refreshing the class web page, and feeding my fear of what is sure to be rejection, I happily came back to this good ole JJJ Bloggy thing!

Ahhhhh…. much better.

Apparently, this is my “safe place” to ramble on and on. Not many people know of this bloggy thing, and more importantly, I know where the delete button is if mean people find it.

I wrote that I was too shy to post my assignments here — but the truth is the opposite. I’m shy to post on the class room site.

Still, I’m wearing my big girl panties now, and write, listen, learn and I will accept and give feedback as best I can.

I also know that when I feel goofy – I’ll post on this wonderful bloggy thing, where I know I am loved.

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