February 7th, 2017 by Jan

Why is it that when someone goes through a life changing event; the next time you see them, they’ve been bungee jumping or skydiving?

Is an adrenaline filled action, the way to truly express our love of life? Do we need to be close to losing our life to know the value of it?

I remember wanting to jump out of airplanes. I’ve ski fast down many a mountain, and had my heart racing, in many a silly situation before. But today, I’m not convinced that moving with such excitement is the best way to express my full commitment to the joy of living.

Not wanting to shout, “Woot – woot!” from a roof top, or “I’m alive!” as I fling myself off a cliff, or bridge, is showing me that I’m either old or wise. Maybe both. (Besides, it’s really cold outside.)

If bungee jumping, sky diving or driving fast is considered an expression of life fully lived; then, does watching TV, reading books, petting the dog, or sitting at a sewing machine all day, mean I don’t care about living life to its fullest?

Define fullest!

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