October 31st, 2013 by Jan

I know I am stubborn.
I blame or credit it to the fact that I am a left handed Taurus.

Still, I meet my match every morning during a routine Peet and I seem to have in place. Every morning we fight over who gets to sit or sleep in my chair. MY chair.

Both of us want to use my chair in the morning hours before the day gets going.  The problem is, I can’t do the stuff I want to from my chair with Peet doing his best to get me to move. I have a good root, some skill at holding centre, but Peet………………………………….rd3th6ged

Peet just typed that and almost added a photo as we struggle for the coveted seat.

He claws my leg, jumps on my shoulder, I put him on my lap, take him to the other room and give him the sofa or put him in his own bed, no good. I close the door to my office, he sneaks back in, hollers at me and is on my shoulder balancing as I do my best not to let him fall, doing my best to hold my own space.

I don’t know if Peet is a Tarsus, I know he is a push paw expert, and more stubborn than I when it comes to getting his way. Nine times out of 10, Peet wins the chair, falls asleep and promptly begins snoring, as I take the laptop elsewhere.

Salute, you old pussycat!

1 thought on “winnerandstillchampion

  1. Jenny

    Indeed Peet reigns supreme. And his housemate-that would be you, silver medalist-ain’t half bad at holding her own. Peet takes top honors in the set-in-his-ways division, while you get a gold star for resourcefulness and thoughtfulness.

    Left-handed Leo here.


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