October 5th, 2017 by Jan

I was about 15 minutes into my walk this afternoon, when I was passed by our neighbour. He was out for a run.

This totally surprised me, until I thought about it. Then I was super embarrassed at my own thoughts. (Not for the first time mind you.) I thought why the heck is he running? He is in great shape, he doesn’t need to run!

I’ve written about our neighbour before. He’s a tree guy, a volunteer firefighter, and is also a local hero.

My preconceived idea about why others do what they do are wrong. I know this and still… Lucky for me – I’ve learned to not stop at my first thought. I know to keep thinking, and usually I’ll learn something.

Growing up, I assume people are the way they are, because they are the way they are.

Now, I know people are usually the way they are, because of the things they do on a regular basis.

That practice thing.

Our neighbour is in great shape, not because he climbs trees — he’s in great shape so he can climb trees.

Years ago, I took a few lessons from a man named Tony Clark, who taught Praying Mantis Kung Fu. I remember the exact lesson when he said:

1. Practice what you know.
2. Practice what you are learning.
3. Practice so you are able to practice.

Guess what?
I started practicing again because, I am getting myself ready,
to practice again.

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