December 14th, 2013 by Jan

Our house is on the market. The market on Bowen Island is super slow and so we settle in with this. Ken and I are in no hurry for change, and still have no idea of what that change will look like or where that change will take place. We really don’t.

But, anything can happen. We got a call that our realtor wants to show our house this morning.

Sure! No problem, all we have to do to get ready is clean up the joint!

We had a super clean house the first week we put the for sale sign up. And then… we went back to living here!

Ken has a wood project going on in his office – I have a quilt in pieces and my glass work table is a mess from making beads the other day. The dinner dishes are in the sink and the kitchen floor has a stain or two from where our coffee pot kinda spills, when I pour in the dark each morning.
There are Moser toys in the living room. The bed’s not made, and is covered with different quilts piled on either side of the bed – I sleep cooler than Ken does. Peet’s hair is all over the house, and wet towels hang in the bathroom. Yesterday’s mail is still sitting on the table, and a package to be mailed is there too. Books with turned down pages are all over the place.

Like I said, we live here. It is our home. And today, we are running around making our home a house again, cleaning, sorting, sweeping, and turning all the lights on in every room. Because some stranger is coming for a look around.

Real estate is the weirdest business there is. We have to leave and have someone who doesn’t live here, answer any questions that might come up. We will never know what these people will like or not like about our house, unless… well, we are in it now, so fingers crossed.

BTW – here is what the place looks like all gussied up.


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