January 30th, 2017 by Jan

Instead of obsessing on world events today, I’m entertaining myself by counting clothes!

It may sound funny, but it started years ago when I read about a monk, who owned 90 possessions. 90! I know I’ve mentioned this before; it made impression on me.

90 is not much — open the junk drawer in your kitchen and start counting!

Anyway – After reading about this guy, I started counting. When I realized I had over 120 Tai Chi books, I quit, but not really. I’ve always been curious if having this many of that, or that many of this, is normal or nutty.

I think I’m mindful about bringing stuff in the house. So, when Sandie told me she was cleaning out her closet this week, and told me how many outfits she had. Well, the count for me was on, again.

I am curious — do we have more or less than most? What is the average when it comes to how many of anything we have?

I know world wide, we probably have much more, but in our own circle – I don’t  know.

My curiosity really gets peaked because I think Sandie and I have a lot, and we are not shoppers! The last pair of pants I bought was over two years ago!

Yes, yes, we’ve been here before. I am a sorter of goods. I think because I am an apple on my moms tree, I am constantly in awe of how much stuff Ken and I have. We have a fairly big house and I feel it is full.

For example, as I write this, I can see six quilts!  There are more in other rooms.

Forget pants (8), dresses (6) and shirts (9), how many pairs of shoes are enough? (18) How about hats (13) or handbags (7). Coats, sweaters, scarfs — don’t get me started!

I think today, instead of worrying about the fresh hell going on in the world, I’m going to wonder WTF is going on in my own closet, again.

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