February 1st, 2017 by Jan

Samm Cooper told me I should get on Facebook. He said I would love it.

I told him, I would not. That I was too busy and spent too much time on the computer as it was.

Then I joined Facebook. Samm was right. I love it.

Over the years, I recognize and accept the shallowness of the Facebook connection and it has been a blast.

I like photos from the chucroftheholysunrise, sandwiches, and dog walks. I’ve held fun contests and offer cool prizes to the winners. It’s a fun place to share everyday life, successes, and hurts. I like the Throwback Thursdays, birthdays, and the cute quips. I find it comforting when we can post the heartbreak of the death of a family member; then share the memory a year later.

I like thinking I know what is going on in my friends life. I’ve connected with cousins, school friends, even family I don’t really know. I love when people post photos of their trip to France, NYC, even how their kid did something impressive. What I really like is the every dayness of it all.

I like being in touch with my friends who live all over the world.

Most important to me is that I made sure all the “friends” I connect with are actual friends.

Right now, I am only “friends” with three people that I’ve never met. I hit accept, because of who they were friends with. But, as a very strong rule – I have to know you and like you, for you to be in my social media family.

My Facebook, my time, my rules.

I fear it is over for me.

Sure there are still a few photos of the morning sunrise, the odd anniversary photo, and of course silly cat videos that I really enjoy, but thanks to the insanity going on in the states, no, in the world – I find right now, I am getting my news off Facebook and well — No.

I quit watching and reading the news years ago. (And that was when most of the news we heard was not an alternative fact.)

I’ve always said, if something important is happening in the world, someone will let me know. And someone always has, but I don’t want to be hit over the head with it again and again.

Getting my news from Facebook is like getting the news from who ever can yell the loudest. And truth be told, if I love you – I tend to listen to you scream. But, starting my day with the words, “What fresh hell are we in.” is not the way I want to live.

I’m getting too wrapped up these days; it isn’t good for me. I’m a happier person when I don’t see it. I don’t know if I’m a better person, but I’m happier, and I have to live with me.

I don’t watch violence in movies, I turn away at cruelty. I do not like my heart rate going up because I’m scared. I am not desensitized and it’s just too hard right now.

There’s that meme — yes, on Facebook, that shows a person in conflict between being informed and having piece of mind.

Well, I am spoiled enough to choose piece of mind, at least for the majority of my day.

I know – I know… WE MUST RESIST! We must!
I hereby promise I will do what I can in the battle — which is not to say that will be ALL I can do, or the only thing I will do.

My friend said, she would not be having fun on Facebook until the fight was done. Apparently most of my friends feel the same way, I understand, but it makes me sad.

I just can’t / won’t go there. So, thanks to the asshats fucking up the world, and since habits are hard to break, I’ll only be checking Facebook once in a while, and probably won’t be posting much, unless I cook an amazing meal or Boze does something cute.

I’ll come back when it’s fun again or I change my mind.


3 thoughts on “I’mout.

  1. Sarah

    I am with you Jan. I have been having nightmares about a certain president, or alternately find myself enraged or sobbing.

  2. Becky

    I love your bloggy thing! I don’t blame you for easing up on Facebook and I’d do the same if I were stronger or braver. However, I’m afraid if I look away for too long the fake president will do something else that is unforgivable and dangerous. Not sure why it matters that I find out right away, but if I don’t see it on Facebook I likely won’t know because we turn off the news now when we hear the name Trump!


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