October 26th, 2014 by Jan

I just finished reading a book that I should have read years ago. I don’t know why I think this way, except I believe that somewhere in the world is a list of “must read” books that the “well read” read.

I have no idea who makes this so called list. I’ve never seen it, and Ken says he’s never heard of such a thing. Perhaps I need to ask heather or Marian about it, but somewhere deep down I think there must be a “must read” list.

Perhaps books like Tom Sawyer, War and Peace, and Moby Dick would make this list. So, when I saw Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl at the re-cycle centre, I was quite sure this book was on that so called list, and I felt the need to read it.

I was glad it’s not a thick book. I’m also reading Neil Simon plays right now, but at only 189 pages, including 30 pages for the bibliography, I thought it was time for me to join the “well read” and read Man’s Search For Meaning.

I heard Oprah interview Viktor Frankl years ago, and I would like to have met him. I thought I knew what the book was about. I didn’t, in fact I was way off.

I guess I didn’t pay attention to the interview, because I missed the part where Frankl was a psychiatrist. I had no idea that the book was an introduction to his own version of existential analysis, called logotherapy. His experience in several concentration camps during the Holocaust is only part of the story. It seemed to me like it was actually the fodder for his work.

The book certainly could provide for interesting discussions, and I would welcome them, but in so many ways, it takes on the psyco babble of circles —Do we find meaning in life because of what happens to us, or does what happens to us provide the meaning in our life? Is this just a new way to look at the chicken or egg question.

The book of course was horrifying in parts, and at times I found it pedantic. Truth be told, now that I’ve read it – I’m not sure why it’s a must read. Perhaps I’m just letting my ignorance of psychology and philosophy shine though.

If you know of this so called “must read” list in the world – please send it on to me. And feel free to set me straight as to why this book should be on it. For now, I’m going back to Neil Simon for some giggles.

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