April 25th, 2014 by Jan

Have you ever had one of “those” days?

I had one today.

I found my heart beating hard, and was just this side of panic at times, then the calm of a practiced centre, and the ability to call on dependable and loving support. I chose to notice the good with the crap.

As a rule, I have easy days. I am not surrounded by drama or trauma. I enjoy laughter and celebrations way more often than I don’t.

I do not expect trouble, so when it happens – Ken and I just do what we need to do. And I’m grateful neither of us, yell or scream or make a scene. We just deal.

I went south this morning to pick up the plaid quilt I pieced, and Jo Baner machine quilted.

I like an early start when heading for the border so I was on the first boat. The earlier I go, the less time I spend in the line up and the easier the crossing. I arrived in good time this morning yet, I was a bit surprised that by 7:30am the line up was already fairly well backed up. I pulled into my place at the first holding space. Across from the washroom that is so close and so far away and inaccessible when you travel alone.

They recently started having holding spaces in the line up, so you can turn off your car and not have it idol as you inch forward for what can be hours. I arrived at the start of the hold as I was there about 30 minutes before the light signalled time to advance.

Rrrrggggg…. Rrrrgggg…. Rrrrgggg….
If you don’t know, that is the sound of my car NOT starting! Yup, I left my lights on when I turned off the car to wait. Rrrrrggggg…. Rrrrgggg…. Nope. Not going to happen. I had a super dead battery in the border line up!

I gotta say, people love that kind of shit! Ha!

Long story short – I finally had a really good reason to have a cell phone. Thankfully I brought it with me. I called Ken. He had to called a tow truck for me, because while we do have a cell phone, we do not have a smart phone. But, we made our connection work. After sitting with the hood of the car up, in the line up , about an hour later, a tow truck came from White Rock. For a mere $65. and the inconvenience of quite a few strangers, I heard  Zooommmm!

The sound of our car starting! Of course I was still in the holding space and was able to let it run for about 15 minutes while we waited to advance. I did not shut the car off until I was at Art and Jo’s place, and just for good measure – I got a little lost getting to their new place.

I didn’t feel like hanging around or continuing down to Trader Joes – I just wanted to get back home, so off I grabbed the quilt, had hugs all around and headed north, after only 2 hours in the states, most of it in the line up going south, the customs officers didn’t ask me if I had any guns, booze or smokes after I told them my sad story. (I didn’t, but …sigh….!)

I went through town on the way home instead of the highway and the new $10. toll bridge. I had just turned onto Georgia when an ambulance, cop and firetruck raced just in front of me. This meant I spent 45 minutes on the cause way, and 30 minutes on the Lions Gate Bridge. Again, I gotta say, people love that kind of shit! Ha! I was truly grateful the ambulance wasn’t for me!

But, because of this, I missed the noon boat home, so I stopped by a fabric store for Ken. He wanted some vinyl for the case he is making. They didn’t have it. I did find a good parking spot at the super busy mall though. At least I thought it was good until someone moved a barrier to block me in while I was in the store not getting vinyl. I did get out by chance with a little luck from a nice man, I started again counting reasons to be grateful. It was a hard day. BUT wait — it wasn’t over!

I got to Horseshoe Bay with 30 minutes to spare, but the driver of the car in front of me was no where to be seen when we loaded. I was stuck behind an empty car and ALL the other cars in line behind me zipped passed me getting on the boat. I was the 3rd to last car on the over loaded ferry. Whew…. THEN, just when I thought I was close to home… as we were unloading — a guy on a bicycle cut in front of me and all hell broke loose from the ferry workers. YIKES! No one even knew where the cyclist came from — but I can tell you, brakes and horns where slammed on.

I figured all I had to do was get across the island. I knew Ken would be waiting for me.

I did, he was! I made it home, safe, happy, tired, and realizing moment by moment, all day long, I knew where my breath was quite often. I knew where my feet were, my shoulders too. I knew the only problems I had could be solved with extra time and extra money. I knew I was just fine.

Oh and my iPad totally ran out of juice as well. But, the quilt — oh the quilt. She’s a beaut and will comfort me this evening as I snuggle away this particular day!

Here is a photo of the quilt, and a photo from my point of view in the border line up today! Fun Times!

Okay – so the photos aren’t showing up. Go figure and put some punctuation on today. I’m done!




2 thoughts on “whatadaywhataday

  1. heather

    Ah Jan. Good on you!
    I really do hate to say it. I DO! but, uh, um – your photos aren’t showing up…
    I know! I know! stupid weird day.
    You’ve got the important stuff covered though – love to you and Ken


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