January 13th, 2018 by Jan

Thirteen days into 2018, and I’m already thinking of the year in review, as I have an answer for “what is the best thing you bought?”

I have the answer! It was delivered on Tuesday. I tried it out the next day, and again yesterday.

My life is forever changed!

One of the many reasons we chose to Sechelt as a place to live was that it had a great aquatic centre.

The first year we were here I went to the aqua fit class — it was super fun and I enjoyed the people I met. The instructor was loads of fun as well. The aqua fit class was fun, but not perfect. It started at 8 a.m. and truthfully — that’s too early to get out of the house and into cold water for me. Once I was there, I was fine. Before the class, I would try to swim a lap or two to warm up.

I’ve imagined being able to swim laps as a form of exercise, for as long as I can remember. Others tell me they have a meditative, or zen like experience when they swim. Not me, I kick, slap the water, gasp for breath, and have a hard time opening my eyes in water.

While I probably won’t drown, I’m not a great swimmer.

Then my head blew up. Splashing around in the water was impossible for me. So, as most of you know, I spent a lot of the year figuring out how to heal my head injury, and I got out of the pool.

Enter the best purchase I made in 2018.

This full face snorkel has freed up the challenge I have of breathing, and seeing. Now, when I swim, all I have to focus on is flapping my arms around, and kicking. It is awesome!

Plus, I can go to the pool in the afternoon when it only costs a twoonie and not so many people are there.

Yesterday, I swam 24 laps in the 25 metre pool, with only a short break, in just under 30 minutes! I felt like a rock star, if not an Olympic champion!

Swimming can now be moved from my list, of things I’d like to do —to things I actually can do!

I may look funny. A man holding a young child, came up to me and exclaimed, “See, she’s not a turtle.”

Who care? I can now swim with a huge degree of comfort, and if I scare the little children – all the better!

Best purchase ever!

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