January 15th, 2018 by Jan

You’ve heard of the Man cold? That’s where a man gets a stuffy nose and becomes as helpless and whinny and annoying as possible.

Well, the man cold has nothing on the Jan cold!

That’s right… I’m sick!

This is what I get for going out in the world and being around people!

I blame the stupid senior centre, with its stupid fitness class, full of happy people, dancing around to good music, with one of the best instructors, the coast has ever seen. I also blame the stupid Sechelt Aquatic centre, with its stupid $2. price fixing that gets you in there, and then has stupid people germs in the locker room.

There is also the stupid library, and stupid store, all full of people snorting, and wiping their hands on stuff.


I’ll stay home, and sniffle and snort in bed, and on the couch. Just give me a box of tissues, a cuppa tea, let me watch Perry Mason, and most important – give loads of sympathy to poor Ken, who is doing his best to help AND stay out of my way.

Like I said, the man cold is nothing — compared to the Jan Cold.

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