July 8th, 2014 by Jan

I am going to say something all women know and very few men do.

If there is a men’s washroom and a women’s washroom, and there is a line for the women, women WILL use the men’s room.

I’m not talking about locker room style washrooms, with troughs of urinals. I mean the single seaters at malls, restaurants and stores. The washrooms with locks on the door.

Yesterday I was in town. It was a cooking hot day. I was one of five women standing in line waiting to use one of two washrooms at a grocery store. It just so happen that these particular washrooms were co-ed. Meaning they had all the graphic icons on the door.

As we were waiting, which is nothing new to women at public washrooms, a young man, maybe 20 – 25 years old, breezed past us all, and tried to push in the locked door of one of the washrooms.

At first he was quite surprised by the fact that the door was locked, and then by the fact that 5 women, at about the same time, told him to get in line.

He looked at us all and exclaimed, “You mean there isn’t a men’s room here?”

Now, usually I’m the one that speaks up, but I didn’t because the woman next to me said, “What is here, is a line.” And another woman said, “Funny, how men just aren’t used to waiting.”

We all smiled to each other and none of us were surprised when the young man left — I guess he didn’t really have to go, as he did not get in line and wait with us.

I’m writing this because, 1. I’m always thinking of topics for this bloggy thing. And 2. I haven’t seen such arrogance up close and personal in a really long time.

#Yesallwomen and to cover my base #notallmen

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