January 18th, 2015 by Jan

We are getting unplugged tomorrow. Tim, the Shaw guy will come between 11 – 1 and pull the plug on internet and TV. BC Hydro will turn off the lights on Wednesday.


This could be the last bloggy post until we get over to Sechelt.

Turning off the lights doesn’t bother me so much as we will be out of the house on Tuesday night. But… not having internet connection for the full week with new, and interesting, scary and exciting stuff going on. Yikes!

See, I want to share this journey while we are making it. I don’t want to report on the adventure once it is over! Plus, I really need the support of friends right now. I want to hear people say they will miss me. I have regular email check ins that I will miss, we won’t have Skype or Facebook or Words with Friends! We won’t even have a telephone!

I now can see why folks have their noses buried in their phones all the time. They must be looking for that daily email that says, I’m thinking of you, this is what I’m doing. I love the office hours and the posted photos of the sunrise and kitty. My words with friends friends will have to wait to play their big words, and I will need to wait to find out how Kim, Rhonda and Jo are doing.

Sometimes too, I find it much easier to write an email to my friend up the street, and tell her how much I will miss her and how grateful I am for her friendship, and that I just can’t bear to actually look at her and say goodbye.

Apparently – I like my internet connection. It’s the main way I keep in touch. Having that connection does not make this move seem so scary or the world seem so big.

We won’t get connected over at the new place until next Friday. And I’m not silly enough to think there will be not new problems. We are talking computers after all. I’ve already messed up some stupid iCloud thing by changing email addresses as we lose shaw. Sigh…  Oh, how I wish a techie person was moving with us!

I’d like to take the high road and say, it will be nice to unplug for a while. See the trees, take in the new views, smell the flowers and such… but I admit I will probably seek out the library and some free wi-fi during this big week of change.

Ken and I wonder who will be the first guest in our new place. My greatest hope is it will be someone who knows how to deal with stupid computers and the internet, so we can get plugged back in. 🙂

4 thoughts on “unplugged

  1. Laura B

    It’s true, and it’s hard, and you will miss them, people and places, light and time. And one foot in front of the other and arm in arm, you will emerge on the other side. Sending you much love and empathy,

    Laura in Whitehorse

  2. Sana Shanti

    hey jan, just surrender (don’t ya hate the ‘just’ part) and remember you are jan parker on the ‘ jan parker river of life’. it has been a nice ride for me when i get the chance.

    Sana Shanti


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