January 17th, 2015 by Jan

I’m starting to feel it.

I really want to move — wanted it for a long time. I also know we will be happy in our new place and we look forward to new adventures, friends and the view.

That said, leaving this place is hard.

I’ve been a bit weepy the last few days as I pack the last bits of odds and such. My walks take on new awareness, practice spots are saluted, and I am snapping photos of the most mundane.

Our meals for the next few days are covered. Friends who we always meant to get together with, we are finally getting together with.

We had dinner last night with our next door neighbours. Deb and Ian moved in a year after we did. They are the perfect neighbours. We check in on their cat and dog when needed, and they do the same for us. We borrow eggs and cups of sugar, and wave when we pass. But last night was the first time we shared a meal and real conversation in all this time. It was wonderful, and when we said goodnight, it was really goodbye.

Today, friends Ross and Tyler are coming over and bringing us a picnic lunch. These meals allow us to pack up the dishes, as we get in the last of the hugs and stories with people we have grown to love. Tomorrow we eat with Louise and Buff and Annie and Jack. They are also neighbours that over the years we wave to, notice when they or we need anything, help when asked, and then politely say, “We really should get together.” But we don’t.

I have no regrets with living in Tunstall Bay, none. I can only hope our new neighbours will be as wonderful.

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