May 18th, 2015 by Jan

I love and hate TV.

There is nothing worth while on it, and yet, my time gets sucked up often by it. I watch the guide channel the most — at least, it seems like I do. I have this eternal hope that something… something must be on worth watching.

News flash — there isn’t. Well, there might be if… if we had a different “choice” package with the cable, or If we watched shows off the interweb and streamed them. More so, if I liked to watch violence and sex on the screen, or the drama of weirdos killing others. I don’t.

I do like singing and dancing shows. But, with the exception of So You Think You Can Dance, I’m not  fan of competition shows, and that one would be even better if they didn’t vote people off, but just let them dance! I like watching cooking shows to maybe learn a little something, but then again… competition shows are the norm, and I’m not interested in seeing what can be made in 30 minutes with a basket of crab meat, three raisins, and some peppermint candy.

I admit (with shame) my time can get sucked away watching some silly girl find her “perfect” wedding dress with her “budget” of $10,000. I watch Big Bang, and I like, Greys Anatomy. BUT…

I can only do it for a short time. Even Greys, as great as it is, drives me nutty. Okay, it is the commercials that drive me nutty. It seems there is 2 minutes of show, followed by 15 minutes of commercials. I’m pretty sure that is why I spend the most time watching the guide channel. I keep hoping something is on that is not a commercial. Yeah, yeah… stream it. But, then I’d really be plastered to the chair and I don’t want to be.

Now, all that I’ve said all this…

I spent ALL of yesterday and ALL the night before, watching Mad Men.

The last episode aired last night, and in the genius that is marketing — they aired the entire series over the course of last week, beginning with season one. I am glad I only sat down on Friday night, because as much as I enjoy that show, I gave 12 or maybe it was 200 hours of my life force to the TV in the last couple of days.

I was never so happy to turn off the TV as I was last night! And yet, I really enjoyed that show. The ending was perfect. I almost applauded.

For me, watching Mad Men was a trip down memory lane. My mom wasn’t like Betty and my dad was no Don Draper, but my friends mom was exactly like Betty, and we certainly knew a few Dons. Divorce, alcohol, adultery — the outfits women wore, the way children were neglected, and the bullshit women in the work force and at home had to put up with. Living in the 50s and 60s, Mad Men nailed it.

I’ve had enough of the tube for a while. I have things to do, places to go, and birthdays to get ready for.

Like when MASH and Seinfeld went off the air – I salute Mad Men. But more so, I salute the women that survived the era.

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