May 6th, 2013 by Jan

They say a man with one watch knows what time it is and a man with two watches is never sure. Right now I feel like Ken and I are living in a clock factory.

We just aren’t sure of a few things.

My last trip to New Mexico made it clear we aren’t moving south any time soon. My brother has stepped up to care for dad and that leaves us free to wander.

There are a few things we do know.

It is time to leave Bowen Island.

We want to stay in Canada.

We’d like to live in a small town with amenities such as a pool, movie theatre, and community centre. Ken wants to stay near water. I want to be able to walk to a store or farmers market. I really want a view. We are tired of the rain and would like a place with a bit more sun.

Knowing what we don’t want is important as well.

We don’t want to deal with a ferry on a regular basis. And we don’t want to move so far away that friends won’t come to visit us.

I do know how fortunate we are to be free to choose our next move. Yet it is overwhelming to not know what is next. I do know that no matter what, Ken and I will do it together.

We also know that change is in the air and that we will strive do the “next right thing.”

6 thoughts on “timewilltell

  1. Ken

    We have considered that “area” before. A bit far from friends, but we have always been able to fit into communities where we have moved. Definitely on the short list.

  2. Sheila

    It’s a lot closer to friends (four hours easy driving most of the year) than New Mexico :). Ken, I have a friend who lives there who plays the guitar, can introduce you. And the veggie gardens (and Farmer’s Markets)there are spectacular. I lived in Vernon for awhile when I was little and it was heaven – loved the water, the weather, all that stuff.

  3. Jan Post author

    What about those 40 degree days in the Summer though? The Chinese always say the only problems are “too little and too much.”

  4. Sheila

    But it’s a dry heat… ha! And the water is wonderful. Tough in BC to get lots of sun without some heat. There’s always Tsawwassen but most of us can’t afford it. It’s gorgeous there and not too hot, and a lot drier than North Van I can tell ya –


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