April 9th, 2013 by Jan

1. One Duck
2. Couple of Geese
3. Three Fat Hens
4. Four Flying Wrens
5. Five Fat Females Sitting on a Stump
6. Six Simple Simons Sipping…. Something….??
7. Seven Sicilian Sailors Sailing the Seven Seas
8. Eight Egoistical Egotist, Echoing Egoistical Ecstasies
9. Nine Nympho Nudes Nipping on Nuts, Nats, and Nicotine

I never promised this bloggy thing would be profound. This post only proves the point.

I spent most of last night trying to remember this, and #6 is still wandering the rubble of my memory. Sigh.

1 thought on “Timewellwasted

  1. Jan Post author

    Oh, maybe it is..
    5. Five Fat Females Flying Fearlessly
    6. Six Simple Simons Sitting on a Stump!

    or… well, the day is still ahead of me.


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