Time flies!

June 19th, 2012 by Jan

Allyson was pitching  Today’s Step  to someone last week, and they mentioned how we have only been in the world for a few months and to give it time!

A few months! It was a reality check that slapped us both in the face. Today’s Step is made from a lifetime of practicing skills, experience and lessons. And while it’s true we only launched in March – it feels longer!

Here’s an update how it’s going with the app.
We’ve had a few thousand downloads now, some good reviews, and recently we launched a daily email newsletter for folks without a smart phone.

Promo break…The newsletter means anyone with email is now able to have access to the full app. Sign up and everyday you’ll receive a daily dose of wisdom and encouragement as well as the qigong videos, guanqifa meditation and the personal stories from people in the recovery community.

and we’re back…

Allyson and I are calling, setting up meetings, and going into treatment centres to promote the app as a must-have aftercare resource. We’re asking counsellors and other professionals in the recovery field to promote it to their clients, we are on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn. I have business cards and flyers and if I see you with a smart phone, I’ll probably make you (I mean ask you to) buy it.

It’s slow going. Today’s Step while it really is an amazing deal at only $3.99 — it is not the field of dreams, where all we had to do was build it and let them come. It isn’t Angry Birds, there is no video of anyone getting kicked the crotch, no photos with baskets of puppies or kittens (this might change) —  in other words, it has not gone viral.

But, then again, it’s only been a few months!

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