I tried

June 18th, 2012 by Jan

The motive:
I wanted to buy something nice for Sandie to wear.
The action:
Went into at least nine stores in Vancouver.
The parameters:
Nothing sleeveless.
Nothing black, orange or red — white is too risky.
No wool or warm, heavy fabric — Must be suitable for living and working in Hawaii.
Nothing low cut, see thru, and for sure, no rhinestones.
The things I noticed:
Loud music in a store means I’m in the wrong store.
The fashion of the day is sleeveless, see-thru, low cut, heavy, black fabric with sparkles.
The results:
I bought chocolate.

2 thoughts on “I tried

  1. Jenny

    Dark, practical; narry a slant of light can pass through it. Goes with everything. Versatile; works as a main course or dessert.

    Nice job, Jan. She’ll love it. Or have you consumed it already?


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