December 30th, 2018 by Jan

The last few days, I started working on the questionnaire my niece and I fill out each year.

The questions encourage us to look back, think and remember. It’s fun.

Once I finish I’ll post it, but in short, besides the big deals of Ken’s surgery, the death of our doggy Boze, and the surgeries of my brother, Art and Ken’s brother, Ron — I was surprised to find that 2018 was a somewhat uneventful year for us.

Home is where the year happened for us. When we weren’t home, we wanted to be.

There is a jar in my office with a hole in the lid. Over the years, I make note when something eventful happens. I put the note in the jar, and at the end of the year, I look back—  the jar wasn’t very full this year.

Company coming was the biggest contribution. Friends and family from all over came to visit. We really love company coming.

Ken and I were at the airport a couple of times this year. We flew to Vegas to visit my brother in March, then I went back on my own, a few months later.

We began a couple of road trips in the van, but we didn’t get very far each time. Our hearts weren’t in it, so we just came home.

Ken and I sing together a lot. We have a song for every occasion, yet for the most part, we sing silly songs, and either make up the words, or sing fa la la because we don’t actually know any of the words.

We do like to think we make a joyful noise though!

Looking back, it seems the sweetest sound we made in 2018, was when one of us, turned to the other and said, “Let’s go Home!”

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