January 27th, 2017 by Jan

There are two things I really love about myself.
1. I am a Taurus
2. I am left handed.

I had no control over either of these things and while I do not believe the stars or moon have a darn thing to do with my life — future or past – I do have the personality of the typical Taurus and I like it.

On the other hand, so to speak, being left handed is cool, even though it’s not easy being a lefty in today’s world.

I’m sure it was much harder for a lefty in days gone by and at least today, I don’t fear for my life because of it. (Unless the fucker Trump comes for me.)

Being a lefty and dyslexia is a double whammy. I get frustrated and often, Ken hears my cry and has to untangle me from some jumble of words, numbers, or task. (usually a can opener).

Now, I did not know when I started quilting that there would be math. I’m sure this is one reason, I make my own style of quilt and do not follow patterns or directions. (The dislike of directions, may be the Taurus in me.)

Still, I wanted to try a new method of quilting with Kim’s quilt.

My friend Marsha makes these quilts and they are beautiful. They’re called “quilt as you go” quilts and are just that. By the time you finished — you are really finished.

Let me explain – I usually make the quilt top – THEN, either send it to Jo Baner, who machine quilts it, or I sandwich the top, in a hoop with batting, and backing and hand quilt the thing.

This quilt as you go process, is an all in process. When you add a piece to the top, you are also quilting it to the back and batting. The end product is cool and I will do it again.

Google anything and there is usually a video with instructions. I am grateful for the generosity of the many quilting experts out there, who put classes of “how to” on You Tube.

I watched one video and it was pretty clear. I went to the sewing room and gave it a go.

But, nope. After stitching and pressing — I see it is all backwards, so I rip it apart, try again. I’m following directions I sew, nope, still backwards, rip, sew, cuss, rip. Watch again, try again, and repeat.

I finally understood WHY I was having such a time of it. The instructions are good, but instructor is right handed. THEY do everything backwards!

I know, when learning anything new, there is a period of struggle, and I sure have struggled with this quilt.

I’ve struggled with the fact that my friend is dead. And, I’ve struggle with the technique of putting it all together.

The reason for the first struggle is easy to understand. The reason for the last struggle — right handed instructors!

I finished Kim’s quilt.


It is as beautiful as she was, and the process of making this fits my grief a thousands ways.

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