May 24th, 2014 by Jan

I talk a lot about the fabric stash I inherited from my mom. Boxes and boxes of fabric that over the years I’ve turned into beautiful quilts. (If I do say so myself!)

The closet downstairs where I keep the fabric stash is getting cleared out. There are only a few boxes left and perhaps only another quilt or two depending on the design. My goal was to use up that stash and I am close to reaching it.

On the other hand…

Yesterday I turned the kiln on and made beads all day. As I chose colours for what I wanted to work with — panic set in as I noticed my glass stash is getting low! Agggggghhhhhh!!!

There used to be a cool glass store in Seattle, and one day I was lucky enough to walk into it, and say, “Give me one of everything!” That was a really fun day. I started a glass stash that day and had every colour of glass possible.

Then, Ken built a beautiful wooden case for me to keep the glass rods in. It has 16 drawers, and each drawer has four slots, perfect for organizing glass rods. I confess all of the drawers are filled with glass of every colour ready for any occasion. This is pure delight for someone with a little OCD.

I don’t remember how long I’ve been making beads, but it has been a while now. I used to go to town and re-stock some of the basics. White, ivory, black and clear were always on the list of what to buy. I would also get a “treat” when I hit a glass store. Lemon yellow, moss green, cobalt blue and if I was feeling rich – I’d grab a stick or two of purple. Whenever I went to Seattle, I’d spend a few bucks and fill the stash up again.

Then, we quit going to Seattle as often as we used to. The last time I was there, I found that the glass store had moved, and left no forwarding address. I was disappointed and came home with no new glass. Then the store in Vancouver moved as well. I never took the time to find the new store. I had a good stash, so I was okay.

Then, yesterday – I noticed I had slim pickings to make beads with. Oh, there is still a rod or two of “everything” — but only a rod or two! I had to use the browns and greys and ugly orange glass yesterday. I just couldn’t bring myself to use the last of the lime or what is left of the turquoise. Ack!

I’ve been happily using up the fabric stash. Clear it out. I’ll always be a quilt maker, but I don’t need a fabric store in the basement. Same goes for the fleece stash I have in a cedar chest ready to spin. As that gets used up – I’m totally fine with it.

But… running low on glass is a different story. Yikes! With all the great beads yet to be made, I realize being out of black and ivory glass is one thing, but knowing I only have one or two rods of purple left – Well, it’s making me nervous.

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