May 23rd, 2014 by Jan

“We work toward balance. It is not something we get and hold on to for dear life.” Oh how I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve said that!

Balance for me is going with the flow of life. Being off balance isn’t so much about getting pulled into drama or trauma, (we all go there at times). Being off balance, is staying in the turmoil for a longer period of time than necessary.

At some point it just feels better to come back into the comfort of what is usual for us.

Last year or maybe it was two years ago, Jim gave me a book title, Yojokun – Life Lessons from a Samurai by Kaibara Ekiken.

I was in New Mexico with my dad, when I received it. Dad read this book in one sitting and announced it was, “The best book I ever read!” But he says that type of thing quite often. He likes the all or nothing of things. The best or the worse, fantastic or shitty. Once in a life time or… ?

My dad’s idea of balance is more exciting than mine. He goes for the gold. My margin is wider. I prefer a good base and low centre. I strive for participation.

While Yojokun may not be the best book I ever read, it is a good read. We keep it in the bathroom. You can read a page or a paragraph in one sitting, and be given interesting advice and wisdom about life.

This brings me to what I read this morning.

“…Generally speaking, events fall into two categories, the usual and the unusual. During the usual course of things, you behave as usual, but when the unusual arises, you should put the unusual into play.”

This is the BEST thing I’ve ever read! 🙂

I’ll speak for myself here and say, that as I work toward balance in life, I am not working towards being blah. I am not avoiding the unusual in favour of the usual, even though at times it may seem like it. I don’t care for drama all that much.

But, I feel as if I’ve learned something from that reading this morning. At least it sparked me.

Sometimes it is brilliant to hang out in the peaks and valleys of the unusual. There is no need to hurry back to the smooth sailing of the usual. Things will turn when it is time and they will turn again.

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