April 30th, 2014 by Jan

I saw a murder of crows as I started my walk this morning. There is a mutant among them. A black crow with white spots on its back and tail —cool bird. I also noticed, the hummers in our yard, that are making us buy sugar in the big bag. A small house wren sung on a tree branch, a seagull flew overhead, and the big geese honked to each other about the bald eagle soaring above in the sky looking for an easy breakfast.

It is pretty here.

I am in this glorious setting moving in a way that brings me joy. The grassy area above the beach is one of my favourite places to practice.

Our backyard is another. This area as some of you know, has been host to some of the worlds best Tai Chi players. I feel the joy and energy that has been spread out in the yard. I love moving in the same space, that my teacher and his teacher has moved in. The training field is also the place where some of my students learned the first posture of the 108 and/or had a huge breakthrough. I myself have had numerous break downs and breakthroughs out there.

Over the years I’ve practiced in parking lots, church basements, small living rooms with the furniture pushed back, on Colorado mountain tops and Hawaiian volcanos, the infamous studio in Kits, and the big room at the O hold my form. I’ve practiced on the ferry and in airport waiting areas, and there and there and there.

Years ago I was part of a TV series called “Quiet Places”. The producer of this show wanted to showcase the places we go to get quiet so we can practice. What I liked about this show, was it was our goal as Tai Chi players, to demonstrate that no matter where we move, we are the quiet place when we play tai chi. We seek stillness and find the tranquility of our mind, body no matter where are move. It doesn’t matter where I practice, what matters is that I practice.

I’m getting ready to practice in western Massachusetts this weekend. It’s been a while and I’m looking forward to it.
How about you? Where will you practice this week? I’d love to hear.

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