Then and now

March 29th, 2012 by Jan

Our local paper has a section called 10 Years Ago Today. I was going through some notes, and here is what I found from 10 years ago today!

March 29, 2002
I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Cheng-Men Ching oldest student, Ben Lo. He is a very animated 75 year old with a beautiful face full of expression. At age 20 he started learning Tai Chi because he was ill. Tai Chi helped him and made him strong. In 1999 he became ill again and received a liver transplant. I was in awe listening to him speak and tell Tai Chi stories, it was like sitting near grandpa as a child and asking again and again, “Tell me another one.”

I loved how Master Lo answered questions, especially when talking about other tai chi players. He would sit back in his chair, ponder his memory, and answer with “I have push hands with him” or “we have push hands.” It was his life’s habit to understand people through touch.

Fast forward 10 years…March 29, 2012
Ken’s coming home today.

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