October 31st, 2014 by Jan

Election day on Bowen is November 15th. Like the fine folks at Corner Gas spitting at the sound of Wollerton, when I hear local politics, I tend to turn my head spit.

I am grateful that the campaign trail is short in Canada compared to the constant barrage of nonsense in the states, but OMG – it may just be a few weeks long, but holy moly, people are getting mean.

Talk to anyone during election season, and other wise nice people feel free to bash and shout, “We like them and not them — He tells such lies! Those assholes did this and these idiots did that. He says he wants this, but we all know he is in so and so’s pocket.”

In politics, there are usually only two sides. Us and them. Worse than having to choose between Coke or Pepsi, on Bowen the two sides are developers and environmentalist. Seriously.

“He’s a tree hugger, she wants to rape the forest. We need to build an Olympic size swimming pool, apartment buildings, and water slide. No, we need better beach access, save the whales and move to higher ground.” And of course, WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

For the most part I keep my head down and windows rolled up this time of year.  (politicians stalk the ferry line up here instead of going door to door). But this time, there’s a pretty good cast of characters running for both Mayor and Council. I have an opinion and I have two friends running. In fact I even nominated one of them, so my name is out there in definite support.

That means I need to show this support at the All Candidates meeting tomorrow. Ugh….

I’m starting to raise my hands now for a big Guanqifa wash. I’m sure I’ll be needing to wipe the crap off when it’s over. I doubt I’m the only one turning my head in disgust and spitting.

PS – Vote Peter and George for council!

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