March 21st, 2014 by Jan

I am constantly amazed with Ken Parker.

For a few weeks now, he has been in his office/shop cussing, fussing and figuring out a puzzle. Yesterday he finished it.

He and I approach our projects in such different ways.

I have an idea and dive in. When it doesn’t work I tear it apart, start over, rip again, and at some point say, oh well, and move on. This is what makes me more of a crafter than an artist.

My finished projects are nice. None are prize winners or perfect, but all bring me joy, and are good enough if you don’t look to close.

Ken, on the other hand — spends a lot of time thinking about his project before he ever gets started. Then he spends time planning, figuring out, and finally working step by step, until he’s finished. His projects are just incredible works of art.

There is never a doubt that my projects are home made.

Ken’s projects are the kind of art that people exclaim in awe — You made that? WOW!

See what I mean… Ken took this…


and made this…

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