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August 1st, 2012 by Jan

The Bowen Island re-cycle centre has a magazine exchange. Mostly they have old issues on Home decorating, Oprah and Parenting. Once in a while there are health related ones and I bring those home. I like to thumb through them, grab an idea, and return them. Recycling at its best.

This week, I came home with several magazines called Best Health. It seems to me that almost every magazine in print includes the standard 10 ways to do better suggestions, that and recipes for chocolate cake. Two top 10 suggestions that caught my eye and fuelled the source of this post were…

10 ways to deal with a hangover and 10 ways to not over spend.

In neither of these articles did they mention the obvious — so I thought I would.

One way to deal to deal with a hangover.
1. Don’t drink

One way to not to overspend
1. Don’t buy stuff

Not everything in life is easy, but a lot is quite simple.

3 thoughts on “the obvious

  1. Jenny

    Yup. We’ve gotten quite stellar at complicating our lives. Nice reminder to keep it simple. Using the ole’ brain is a good place to start.

  2. Jim

    And then of course there’s the “not easy and not simple”. In Safari, go under View > View Source, and you get to see what this page really looks like…

    Of course, some (not mentioning names here) would argue that it’s both simple and easy. At least simple-ish and easy-ish.

  3. Ken

    Yes, Jim.
    But how simple–to just click “Safari”, click “View” and click “View Source”. Even I can do that.


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