August 27th, 2014 by Jan

I took a cake last night.

It is a weird and extremely validating practice that AA does for its members. The bar is not set super high; if you don’t drink for a whole year — they give you a cake!

I haven’t had a drink in 30 years — perhaps I should also get some pie. Although, last night I also received flowers, cards and a box of chocolates. But the best part was that people said nice things to me.

It is pretty wonderful to have people who love you tell you that they love you.

We should all do that more often; with or without cake.

Don’t be shy — do it. Make a call or write a letter — let loose. Tell someone that you love them, and for a bonus, tell them why!

The cake was really good last night, but the words were even sweeter.

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Tell’em

  1. Jenny

    I love you and I appreciate the ways you make our world a safer, saner place. Your words and actions make a difference in your life, and in the life of countless others. It’s OK if they never tell you, but it’s true none-the-less.

    To your sobriety, courage, steadfastness and light!


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