August 26th, 2014 by Jan

I just came in from the morning practice I treasure. The weather is beautiful and walking up to the view spot on Whitesails, to pick blackberries and practice some qigong is just the best. As I was walking I was thinking about what to write here. So much is going on, but my first thought really is…

It is too soon to write about anything other than Lisa Maybee. I am not done grieving. I’ve hardly even started the daunting work. My thoughts are so strong on Rhonda; my heart breaks for her. It just breaks.

I’ve always said in the end, we will cry, perhaps laugh, we’ll share stories, and then we’ll go eat lunch. So I think of other topics.

This is life. Over the course of the day thoughts come and go of Lisa and then Rhonda and then Kimmie and Lorin, then my thoughts swing wide and come back to me…

This is my last week at the O. Four more morning qigong sessions with the clients who are working towards changing their lives. I know I will offer the same practice this week, as I did the first week when I started just 12 years ago. I will say, “Please raise your hands.” Some people will cry or laugh, tell a story, and after the class, some will eat; most will go for a smoke.

Tonight, I will “take a 30 year cake” at the AA meeting. I’m sure I will cry and laugh. I’ll tell a version of my story, and then we will eat cake.

How do we live in drama, trauma, joy and celebrations?  I think really most of us, cry and laugh, share stories, and when all is said and done, with no disrespect to the days events, we usually have a sandwich or if we are lucky, a piece of cake.

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