January 20th, 2014 by Jan

Ken and I were in town the other day and walked past a big bulletin board covered with posters. This poster caught my eye. I had to take a picture of it. My first thought is what a great joke this will be to post on Facebook.

Learn Tai chi in 3 days! Imagine! Here I spent more than a quarter of a century on lessons and practice — if I had only known! I could have called these guys and in just 3 days… well, I wonder what I would have done with my life, had I seen this poster instead of the one I did see back in 1986.

So, anyway – I did post it on Facebook and yes, there was the giggle from those in the know, but the thing that came though the loudest was…

If we had gone this route, we wouldn’t know each other. No one mentioned the skills achieved, everyone mentioned the community.

The study of Tai Chi is truly in the journey and the connections. How else would I have ever met Sam, Mr. Chan, Jim or Hansoo or Dorian or YOU? How else would I have met myself?

I needed the long haul, the life work, the gong of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is good for your health, balance and well being not only because it harmonizes the inner and outer of our world. Tai Chi is good for our health because it provides us a community that can last a lifetime.

I would have missed that had I taken the three day route.

3 thoughts on “takethelongroad

  1. Jim

    “I would have missed that I had gone the three day route.”

    Yeah, but think of all the free time you would have had. You would have had time for a hobby.


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