January 22nd, 2014 by Jan

People tell stories of those that went before us. It is one way to we remember.

Today, I am remembering Jack Del Dosso who was born on January 22, 1925, and died one day in September eight or nine years ago.

I was wondering who else might be thinking of him today. My guess is not many. In some ways, Jack is becoming a forgotten man.

When he was alive he did his part to be productive, loved, and creative, but he never held a big circle. He was a contractor who built houses. A craftsman who made things out of wood. In some ways Ken reminds me of Jack; quiet, creative, and a no nonsense, stubborn, kind of guy. He married my mother and they were together for 34. They were happy together. He was a big part of my life, but not his own children’s. Jack was one of the few positive adult influences I had. He let me be me, I had no secrets from Jack and was always comfortable around him. He called me, kid.

Jack lived a few years longer than my mom and in those last years, he isolated and became bitter. He cut the few ties he had, and went his own way.

Jack died alone.

I don’t think there was a memorial service for him. I have no idea if he was buried or cremated or where his ashes are, or his grave site is. I don’t know who dealt with the details of his death. I was told there was only a card table, chair and $400. to his name when he died. His daughter whom I have never met, or spoken to since told me this a month or so after his death. I wonder if she is thinking of him today. I know they were not close.

I don’t think many people remember Jack on a regular basis. I wonder if anyone thinks of him at Christmas or if his grandchildren are told stories of the man, who else knows today would have been his birthday?

I do know that by writing this, anyone who reads it, will at least say his name. Jack Del Dosso.

Today, I am remembering a good and mostly forgotten man.
Salute, old man.

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