May 6th, 2015 by Jan

Yesterday hike was quite the adventure. Ken and I both joined the Tuesday group for a real adventure on Thormanby Island.

There was a wait list for this hike, as we had to take a water taxi to the island, so only a certain number of folks could fit. Both Ken and I inched our way up and we both made it on the roster.

Normally, I would post a few photos and call it a fun day, but I feel the need to write about the adventure getting on and off the island. Especially for Sandie, because I was thinking of her, as the adventure began. Unfortunately, we don’t have photos of this phase of the day, and oh how I wish we did.

Like I said, we had to take a water taxi to the island, but it wasn’t a regular boat. We took a barge with landing gear like you see in war movies with the soldiers landing in Normandy. Okay, not as big or dramatic, but the end of the boat was open. We sat in a few folding chairs, stood, or leaned against the side of the boat for the short ride over as the passenger area was just open space.


Now, as we arrived on Thormanby, my surprise really kicked in, my heart rate went up, and here is where my thoughts of Sandie took over.

The pilot of the boat did his best to get us “as close as possible” to the beach, but as folks started taking off their hiking boots, and rolling up their pant legs — I realized we were going to have to get in water and make the last few yards to the beach on our own. Seriously! It’s early May – the ocean water is NOT warm yet.

It took a while for me to realize this was really happening, and that there was no other option than to go into the water…. So, I did.

Oh Sandie! You would have loved it! ☺ It was… refreshing!

The rest of the days hike was lovely. Our guide Ray, knew all the trails, beaches, and views and we covered about one-third of the island. It was a long days hike. According to my Fitbit – we hiked 9.25 miles.

Now, truth be told, I was quite happy to take my boots off at the end of the day and walk back though the water, soothing my tired dogs, when the boat came to pick us up.

It is nice to know there are still many surprises in store of us – I can honestly say, I never thought I’d be in the ocean, or as Sandie says “the frozen north” in May, but I was.

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