May 9th, 2015 by Jan

We had a day for the calendar today.

Summer is around the corner and the weather has straighten the road. People are out and about.

Ken and I check the paper and interweb each day for a list of things to do, places to go, and happening events in the area. So far, we seem to always find something to peak our interests and get us out of the house.

Saturday is a big day for us. We go to the Farmers market, look for yard sales, and of course there is Saturday Date Hike. (I’m still working on making date hike a thing, but so far so good) Now, between the Farmers Market and a CSA box that is delivered on Tuesdays, we rarely have to go to the regular grocery store any longer. Plus, I like handing our money to the folks that actually grow and make the products we buy. Saturdays are fun!

Today a plant sale was going on as well. People go a little nutty for plants around here, seems everyone gardens. The Botanical Garden, where we spend Thursday’s volunteering, had their annual plant sale last week. We didn’t go, the crowds were too big. We don’t need anything bad enough to wait in long lines, park a mile away, or elbow our way into and out of the crowds for a petunia.

The plant sale today was in the parking lot near the Farmers Market though, and it was easy enough to stop into. Ken bought some tomato plants for $2. and planted them in the green house when we came home. I don’t like tomatoes, but the plants looked nice. I picked up a few beet starts.

But, with all the action of the day today, something big, exciting, and new happened. Something I find note worthy. Something that made me smile.

Today, at the plant sale, I called out, to a lady in a big hat. I said, “Hi Lee!” and Lee raised her hands high into the sky and said, “Hi Jan!” Then we bumped into Christi, and it was hi and how are you all over again! A little later, as we were buying our eggs for the week, we ran into Adeline. Adeline moved here from Bowen about 6 months before we did, but this was the first time our paths crossed. We had a really nice chat.

Today, we also met our back yard neighbour, Brenda. And I met Julie, who was buying an angel food cake at the market. She said, she was getting it for her birthday. That of course, was an open door for me to talk about my birthday! Come to find out, Julie and I were both born on May 20, 1955. She also said she knows, a Joan, and a Judy who share our birthday too.

It was a pretty exciting day if you ask me. We’ve lived here a little over three months and we know folks say we can say hi to!

I’m feeling a part of Sechelt, and love it.

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