January 17th, 2017 by Jan

Thirteen years after my mothers death, I had a reason to go into a fabric store! I needed fabric for a quilt!

When Sandie and I cleaned out mom’s house in 2003, I brought home her stash of fabric, thread, and a zillion sewing notions. I also took her fancy sewing machine. You could say I benefited well from moms hoarding on the hobby front.

I didn’t count, but I’d guess I’ve made at least 20 or 30 quilts from her stash of supplies. Her hoard has kept me out of all fabric stores for a long time. I’ve had no reason to buy anything. Alice had me covered.

I am proud to say, I’ve used up most of her stash, there is still a bit, but now, I find myself wandering fabric stores. It is fun looking for new fabric and ideas.

Sandie wont believe this, but I even bought a pair of scissors the other day!

It’s hard to believe because I know for a fact that we found at least 14 pairs of scissors when we were clearing her shit out. But, yup – I needed a new pair! Now, Ken is on me to get a new iron. The one I have is a gem, but also a bit of a safety hazard. Things do get used up and worn out.

The quilt I finished today you might say, was store bought!

All of the fabric, thread, and backing, are brand new.

This patchwork is cozy flannel, with a Canadiana flavour.


It’s a quilt, but it won’t get quilted. I made it to cover a goose down duvet. It’s really is just a big fabric sack, and will be toasty warm. It will be perfect in the van when we head north!

This quilt had nothing to do with my mom.

But still, I am my mothers daughter, and when I sew, I think of her.

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