January 24th, 2017 by Jan

While there are big and important things going on in the world, I thought I’d rant a bit about horse shit.

Yes, horse shit. Not bull shit or alternative facts — horse shit. Shit that comes from horses.

I get it that everybody poops, and not all creatures care where. When nature calls, nature is answered.

I learned last year that bears do not shit in the woods — bears shit on the trail, they shit in clearings and usually right where you can see it, often if you aren’t paying attention, where you may step in it.

Wild animals get to shit where they shit.

Most dogs are not wild animals, and folks have been trained what to do with dog shit. You pick it up in a plastic bag, carry it around with you, and then toss said bag in a garbage bin.

It’s gross, but you do it. Picking up dog shit is serious business in today’s world. They even sell green, compostable bags, for said purpose, and woe be to anyone who doesn’t pick up.
It’s a craze — you GOTTA clean up your dog shit.

I’m fine with this, if your dog shits on your neighbours lawn, or in the middle of a busy intersection. But, if you are in the bush or on a trail in the woods — it is pretty easy to take a stick and flick it into the woods, basically keeping the path clear of poop. It’s also polite.

Now, on the coast, horses are not wild animals. They have folks look after them, feed them, exercise them, pet them – Just like dogs, and like I said, when nature calls, there is shit to deal with.

Apparently, the only time it matters if horse shit is picked up though, is after a parade. And unless Peter Defazio is your congress man, maybe not even then.

For some reason, it is totally acceptable to take a horse out on a public trail, and keep on keeping on, as it poops, like a bear, in the middle of path. Horse shit on a trail gets nary a mention.

Unlike dog owners, horse people are not held to the same responsibilities or standards when it comes to their critters poop.

I know with all the shit going on in the world right now, this is trivial, and I understand we can’t toss everything that stinks in compostable bags.

But, today hear me roar!
CLEAN UP your horse shit too!

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