January 23rd, 2017 by Jan

Yesterday was the second anniversary of our move to the Sunshine Coast. We like it here.

Yesterday was also the anniversary of my step-father, Jack Del Dosso birthday. He would have been 90 something. I like to say his name. I believe he can easily become a forgotten man. His life was not large but, he had a big impact on me. I miss the old man.

Tomorrow, Kim will have been dead for two years.

I miss her. I think about her everyday. And a two days ago, when I sat at my sewing machine, Kim’s quilt finally started to emerge.

Some of you know I use quilting as a grieving process. Not every quilt I make has a name attached to it, but a lot do.

I’ve made quilts to grieve Janice Wood, Linda Bracket, Tomi Parker, my mom, dad, and brother Bill. Also, Peet, Grandma, Mr. Chan, Ron Gregory, and Steve Stoddard just to name a few off the top of my head.

I started Kim’s quilt at least 20 times. But, each time, it hasn’t felt right, and I rip it apart, and put it away. It’s never been right. Of course her death has never been right in my heart either.

So, it was nice, and very clear to me, that when I started cutting up and sewing back together, this particular fabric — it would be for Kim.

The quilt I started in her memory a few days ago, is going to take some time. You could say it has already taken two years — grief it’s a process.

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