April 2nd, 2017 by Jan

The second day of April is finally showing us some spring like weather.

It has been cold and crappy here, but yippeeeee — the sun is out and today looks delightful.

As spring comes on — the birds come out.

We are lucky enough to see bald eagles every day. We also see a plethora of song birds, all twitterpating and enjoying Spring.

I thought this would be a good time to revisit a qigong lesson, that I learned from a fowl instructor.

Bird smashing into a window qigong.
1. If you hit something really hard with your whole body, head first.
2. Lie down for as long as you need to.
3. When you feel like it, slowly stand up. Use any prop you need to for balance. Take your time.
4. Just stand there.
5. Stand as long as you need to.
6. Settle into yourself, and wait until dan tien is found. (this may takes more time than you think.)
7. When things are smooth again, shake it off.
8. When you feel like it – go about your day.

How long should one practice? The whole of your life, is my answer.

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