March 31st, 2017 by Jan

Years ago-
I wanted to learn how to weave.

We lived in Oregon at the time, and there was a wonderful store near the university, that sold yarn, looms, books, lessons, and all things I thought would be needed to for me to get going.

We had a bit of extra money at the time and with credit card in hand – I went to the store excited to see what would come of it. I fully planned on spending a wad of dough that day.

The lady at the store asked if she could help me and I said, “Yes! I want to learn to weave. What do I need?”

She looked at me funny, then asked, What do you want to weave? A scarf, a blanket, a vest? What type of yarn do you want to work with, cotton, wool, poly? Do you want a to sit at the loom or stand? What do you want?

I didn’t know the answers to her questions. I thought she might. I only knew I wanted to learn how to weave.

She was frustrated with me; telling me I needed more information. That I needed to know what I wanted before she could help.

I said, I didn’t know what I wanted and that was why I was there. Was there a book or a class that could help me figure it out? I had no information — only desire.

I was waving my credit card in the air – I want to do this! Sell me something!

Nope – until I had a clear idea of what yarn and style and design of weaving I wanted to work with — she could not help. She sent me away with nothing.

I left defeated. I never have learned how to weave.

Yesterday, the same type of thing happened to me. Only this time I want to learn to knit.

I’ve been spinning wool for years and have quite a stash of yarn. Usually I give this yarn away, to someone who can knit or weave. But now, knowing I’m teachable, off to the store that sells knitting supplies, I went.

Unfortunately, they offered everything but help.
I saw loads needles made of bamboo, wood and steel. There were small ones and fat ones, some were long, most were circular. There were kits selling for over $100. and individual needles for $10. but again — the lady wanted more information out of me than, “I want to learn to knit.”

What kind of yarn would I be using? Did I want to make a scarf, hat, sweater? Arrrrgggggg!

I left with nothing! Not a book, or needles. Worst sales person ever, I thought as I walked out not even signed up for the beginning knitting class I saw offered.

I used to smile when people came to my qigong or tai chi class, and said, I’ve never done this before — is that okay? I mean, isn’t that why they were there —  to learn? And, wasn’t that why I was there — to teach? If you already know, you don’t need to learn.

What is it with yarn sports? Are they the one thing in life a person needs to know all about, before they are able to learn anything about them?

Sometimes, shaking a credit card high in the air, just isn’t enough for some people.
Communication is hard.

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  1. Karen Koziol

    Ravelry is a free site for knitters and crocheters.
    Join Ravelry.

    I would recommend you look at a knitting pattern called the “Hitchhiker”
    by Martina Behm

    It is a simple garter stitch (just knit, purl and knit front-to-back) yet it is an elegant scarf, good for beginners because it doesn’t require much of a cast on and you can get started right away.

    There are many YouTube videos to show you how to knit and purl and knit front-to back. Each time you purl you can smile and think of grandma.

    I recommend the hitchhiker because it is one of those “rite of passage” patterns that you can wear proudly. Each year when I go to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool fair I see many many many hitchhiker scarves- all of which are unique and beautiful.


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