April 11th, 2018 by Jan

Someone asked me what I think of the Facebook drama.
Well, I’ll tell you.

I know very little of the details of trouble that Facebook is in. I don’t watch the news and I do not get my news off FB. I will say, I enjoy Facebook and the chance of me deleting my account is slim.

I think Mark Zuckerberg is a powerful, genius, and never in his wildest dreams, thought FB would be the end all — be all of a zillion peoples lives, yet it seems to be.

I also see how bad guys would want a cut of it; how it could be used for ill purpose. I may be naive, but I do not think Zuckerberg is a bad guy, and I for one — am happy with my interaction on FaceBook.

My friends Samm and Ben Cooper told me years ago, how much I would love Facebook, but it wasn’t until I was visiting Jim and heather in Oregon that I actually got an account.

I was given certain guidelines with the platform, and I’ve taken them to heart. I also made a few “rules” of my own.

First off-

I am only friends with actual real life friends. I do have two “friends” on FB that I’ve never met, and only a handful of acquaintances. So far, they play nice and are interesting.

Right now, I have about 120 friend requests sitting in “purgatory.” I don’t deny a request – I ignore it — by doing so, I make the person sending the request impotent. They have zero access to me when I do this.

I belong to a FB quilting group, and a watercolour painting, and spinning group. These are great places to get ideas and inspiration. I mostly lurk. I also belong to a Sechelt buy and sell group, and one that gives latest info of what’s happening on the coast. I don’t play games on FB and don’t take surveys.

I’m also glad FB has a delete button and I use it often.

I am not very open minded on FB. If you’re an asshole, I delete you. If you are racist or mean, I delete you. The only exception I have is with one cousin. Mostly I shake my head  at his posts, and wonder how he got so mean. I do interact if he posts a photo of food, or talks of his vacation with his wife. (I keep it shallow.)

Actually, I keep all of FB as shallow as possible. I do my best not get into heavy discussions or debates – I like it fun. And because, I only have good friends in my feed, I am rarely shown the anonymous cruelty, the inter-web is famous for. I easily scroll past the Jesus loves me posts, as well as, those with animal cruelty or “super cute” children. Political, and environmental posts are harder to stay out of, but I try.

Facebook makes it possible for me to stay in touch with friends who live all around the world. I love it. I love to seeing photos, and knowing the goings on of what my friends and their dogs are doing. I’m in touch with PAWMA friends, high school classmates, tai chi classmates and students. FB helps me stay in touch with friends I love, yet rarely see.

Facebook made it possible for me to meet my step-brother John for the first time ever. He’s since deleted his account, and now we have no interaction — I miss him, but take comfort in knowing, he knows where I am. He can find me if he wants to.

I’ve said it a million times, I keep FB fun and shallow. Contest time is loads of fun for me. Posting photos of thechurchoftheholysunrise, TBT photos of the Hudson kids, and showing public gratitude for my husband, sobriety and memories is just plain nice.

Anything posted on the inter-web is public and “they” do know all about me. Leaving FB won’t change that if I continue to use the inter-web. For example, I googled a recipe for lemon squares, and in no time at all, ads started popping up for all types of kitchen goodies and diet plans. I looked into airplane tickets to visit Art, and am inundated with ads for Vegas and shows. I post something about swimming and I know where bathing suit are on sale.

I get it. There are no secrets, and with that knowledge – I’m staying on FB.

I hope my friends do too – I’d miss them if they left. I’d understand and could/would resort to writing old school letters or using the telephone, rather than lose touch.

Another good thing about Facebook being public, is I can say #trumpyoufucker and not a care a hoot who knows my view.

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